Los Banos and Santo Tomas Internment camp stories of WW2
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I would really appreciate someone leading me to a list of internees held at the Los Banos Camp

My Mother's family were in both camps - santo tomas and los banos.  I have recently found pictures on the internet lately, and I'm wondering if there are some unpublished photos that I could access.  My mother's family Edgar Harper family  and Ernest Wichman family. 
thanks for any help you can give, greatly appreciated.
also, wondering if anyone has a picture of the burial sites... a family member was killed around Feb 7th when the camp was attacked after liberation day.

Here is a photo of internees being laid to rest 

Here  this may also be helpfull 

I believe Santo Tomas and Los Banos was handled the same way as the military camps, but I could be wrong.  
They were initially buried right there in the camps and then sometime after the war, their remains were moved to either Manila Cemetery #1 or #2.  These were temporary cemeteries.  This was where the final IDs were made and the paperwork was done.  From there, the remains were either sent home or moved to the Manila American Cemetery in Makati (PHOTO) There may have been some exceptions, but that was the general rule.  If I remember there is a British cemetery as well where some remains may have gone.
All I know is that the internees who died at Los Banos were initially interred there, some in coffins and later without.  I don’t recall seeing any cemetery there when we visited.  Have no idea about Santo Tomas, except they probably used a regular cemetery rather than on the grounds.
11th Sept 2011
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Where is "Santo Tomas Camp Cemetery"? 
Is it within the walls of the University? 
My G-Grandfather is buried there in "grave#1.

Leslie Emond
Michigan, USA

Does any one have information on Flora Cecilia Scott (Australian) interned in the Santo Tomas
camp during WW2 returned to Australia during month of May 1945, born Perth 1905. Contact Lisa